An Aromatherapy Apothecary owned & operated by a Certified Professional Aromatherapist.  Located in Cobourg , we are a retail store specializing in Aromatherapy Supplies with the largest selection of Pure Essential Oils in all of Ontario - drop in for a whiff - you'll be in olfactory heaven.
[The word Bespoke <adjective> = made to fit
a particular person, custom made]

We carry more than 100 varieties of Pure Essential Oils, rare absolutes, aromatic resins, carrier oils, empty bottles and unscented cosmetic bases.
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Individual custom blending requires your Nose and a Pinch of Time.
 During Busy Seasons - we recommend that you
ontact us to book an appointment.
We will be happy to accommodate couples, groups and out-of-town visitors outside of our regular business hours.
Contact us to learn about our private sessions,
workshops and parties.

Folks are always asking us if they should consume essential oils. Our answer is NO. Follow our Blog to learn how to use essential oils safely.