Everyone is always asking?
Q: Can I take essential oils internally? 
A: No! Read Here



[The word Bespoke <adjective> : made to fit a particular person, custom made]
We are a Natural Perfume Apothecary
located in Cobourg Ontario

We create Aromachology Products
with pure essential oils at our Aroma Bar.

Individual custom blending requires
your nose and a pinch of time.
 During busy seasons an appointment
 may be necessary.

We will be happy to accommodate couples
or groups. Contact us to learn about our
 private sessions, workshops and parties.


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Scent preference is a very subjective experience, at Bespoke Aromatics we want to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU.  We create aromatherapy styled products such as natural perfumes, body oils, body lotions, facial serums & toners, and environmental sprays at our AromaBar using natural ingredients. We believe that the centre of your universe lies within in your HEART and with your NOSE, and so we wait until you arrive and then we create scented concoctions that you desire.

We also sell pure essential oils, carrier oils, empty bottles and other ingredients for creating your own natural body care and scented products.