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In 1992 Sandra’s interest in aroma was re-awakened from a childhood interest in creating cosmetics and perfumes.  The creation of a handful of products back in 1993, which she sold through her own natural health retail stores eventually lead to an extensive aromatherapy product line, Natural Sense Aromatherapy.  Her vision was to supply other therapists with quality products and to educate the general public about the aromatic principles and benefits of using pure essential oils. Fifteen years later her company was supplying several hundred clients and locations across North America and beyond.  In December 2007 Sandra sold Natural Sense and today the company remains a dedicated supplier in the industry.

During her seven year sabbatical from the industry Sandra maintained her repertoire  with respect to the aromatic properties of essential oils and has also managed to squeeze in a number of other projects.  For more details visit

With a gnawing desire to return to her field, in 2015 Sandra opened a retail boutique in Cobourg Ontario with her eldest daughter.  She indicates that her passion for scent goes beyond the norm, and that her ability to instantly whip up fragrant concoctions for discerning noses is in 'essence an art form'  that she loves to share. Apart from creating natural bespoke perfumes for her retail clientele, she also provides consultation in the field of product development and scent design.