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We make good smelly stuff, you can too!



Pure Essential Oils ~ Natural Perfumes ~ Body Care ~ DIY Aromatherapy Supplies

Specializing in Aromatherapy Supplies, more than 100 Pure Essential Oils, Rare Absolutes, Carrier Oils, Empty Blending Bottles and Unscented Cosmetic Bases for all your DIY projects.

[The word Bespoke <adjective> = made to fit
a particular person, custom made]

We offer custom blending of Essential Oils. Designed to suit your intentions.

Individual custom blending requires your Nose and a Pinch of Time.
During Busy Seasons - we recommend that you contact us
to book an appointment.
We will be happy to accommodate couples, groups and out-of-town visitors outside of our regular business hours. Contact us to learn about our private sessions, workshops and parties.

We also carry a variety of ZEN inspired gifts for you and your home!
Vintage Cotton Nightwear
Quilted Bed Coverlets
Aroma Diffusers
Meditation Cushions
Aroma Diffuser Bracelets
Crystals & Gem Stones
Linen & Room Sprays
Luxurious French Soaps
Natural Body Care Products


Located in Cobourg Ontario Canada



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