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Aromatherapy has become quite a common term associated with the physiological effects of pure essential oils when added to various mediums and applied to the body.  The application of such mediums such as massage oils, spa products and skin care products are used by therapists either in private practice or by those who practice at complementary health clinics and at spas.

There is an enormous amount of literature available in hard-copy print and via electronic sources that make reference to empirical and scientific research pertaining to the physiological effects of pure essential oils, however, please be advised that there are also many anecdotal references made about the therapeutic effects of essential oils, so please do ensure that your resources are from reputable sources.

Essential oils are pure aromatic extracts obtained from various portions of plants such as the; root, stem, bark, seed, flower and leaf.  Essential Oils should never be applied to the skin in their pure form (often referred to as Neat).  Essential oils should never be consumed by mouth.  Pregnant and or nursing mothers should avoid using pure (or neat) essential oils.  The decision to use pure essential oils is a personal choice however, a medical practitioner or your family physician should be consulted if you have a medical condition that may be affected by the use essential oils.

Aromachology relates to the study of odours on human behaviour from a psychological perspective. Scent preference is a very subjective experience. Aromatics occur that occur in our natural world and fragrances that are designed by perfumists and scent chemists are appealing to different folks for different reasons. When a scent is detected by the olfactory system that is appealing, it elicits a positive response such as relaxation, exhilaration, happiness, and well-being.

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Disclaimer: At Bespoke Aromatics sometimes we may refer to our business as an 'Apothecary' however we are not a pharmacy and we do not sell pharmacy products or offer pharmacy services.  At Bespoke we use pure essential oils as a way to naturally scent our products.  We do not advocate and or promote the use of essential oils to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease.  Due to the fact that essential oils are real plant extracts and do possess properties that are akin to herbology, we recommend consulting with your physician as to whether or not you should use products that contain essential oils on your body and or whether it is safe for you to exposure yourself to their aromatic vapours.  These recommendations may be of particular concern to those persons who have high blood pressure, epilepsy or may be pregnant.